Why you should visit Khibiny

Khibiny is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. Once you find yourself there, you immediately feel the harsh power of the North, frozen in boulders and sullen snowfields. Imperturbable silence of hyaline lakes, babbling of the cheerful brooks and endless of conversation of numerous waterfalls. Funny little birches, numerous chains of bizarre stones, treasures under your feet, the beauty of the polar day with a sunset that lasts many hours Ч all of this you can see in Khibiny.

However, Khibiny is not only a nice corner. Many years ago this region was the home of the whole nation. So, every corner of these mountains has its own story. Khibiny is rich in legends and tales. An acquaintance with them is very a interesting and fascinating activity.

Before our journey to Khibiny, we set some goals (some of them have been successfully fulfilled):

  • get the sight of the flat tops of the mountains
  • study the northern vegetation, which cling to the almost bare rocks
  • find ourselves between heaven and earth at the edge of the world
  • explore the taiga midges
  • walk on the solidified magma of the ancient volcano
  • climb to the highest point out of the Arctic Circle
  • dial the most beautiful minerals
  • get acquainted with the Saami
  • find fragments of crashed airplanes and the steam engine
  • take a walk on the abandoned mines of molybdenite
  • test the crowberry and cloudberry
  • enjoy the northern lights

If it is your first serious hike

Your first serious trip is the preparation for future hiking. You should learn the basics, so choose a well-studied area which does not require special equipment, special skills and many months of training.

Khibiny is the area where one can learn the simple technique of movements through the passes and fords, orienteering in an unfamiliar territory.

To sum it up, it will be an excellent idea to choose the Khibiny mountains, it will give you a wonderful opportunity to find out how to depend only on yourself and your companions and how to live on your own far from the home.